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Connect comments

 We are living in a world conflagration of spiritual warfare ... and the tragic devastation isn't somewhere else, it's in our own pews. Everyone knows something is happening. The real issue is to identify the problem and then produce a genuine solution. Conferences, books and seminars have said “why” the church is shrinking. Indeed the "Why" is vital to know, but the real forward movement is finding a roadmap to get the church growing again - “How” to grow a church is exactly what you will find in Connect: Grow Your Church in 28 Days

Paul Louis Cole
 President, Christian Men’s Network, Dallas, TX 


Connect: Grow Your Church in 28 Days is the real deal. I have seen the Connect strategy in action and it works! If you have been struggling to grow your church, read this book. Then give copies to your church’s leaders and staff. Do what this book says and watch your church grow.

Alan DiDio
Senior Pastor, Encounter Christ Church, Albemarle, NC


This stuff works! My church has been working with Don Corder since 2013 and we have seen significant growth. In Connect, Don shares the wisdom and experience that comes from decades of helping churches grow all over the country. If you’ve been struggling to grow your church, the struggle is over. Buy this book and do what it says. You’ll be glad you did.

Jon Ferguson
Senior Pastor, Stillwater United Methodist Church, Dayton, Ohio


I remember the first time Don Corder showed me the strategy written in his new book, Connect. I thought to myself, “that will preach!” His strategy is well thought out and proven. As the church, it is our job to first connect people with the church and then connect people with each other all while teaching and serving people. This is how disciples have been made for 2000 years. This book changed the way I look at church communications

Jody Ray
Senior Pastor, Mt. Bethel Church, Marietta, GA


Buy this book. Execute the 28 action items. Grow your church. A must read for everyone in ministry.

Shannon Lee
Executive Director, Rela, Columbus, OH


Don Corder is a hidden gem in the Kingdom of God. He has a passion for the Great Commission, the church and for pastors. I have never met a person more dedicated to growing the local church. This book is a gift to the church. Execute the daily action steps and your church will grow.

Brad White
Executive Director, IAK Donors, Washington DC


Surveys on religion in America have revealed that fewer people than ever before claim a Christian affiliation. The fastest growing group in the United States is comprised of people who claim no religious affiliation at all. Those of us who lead churches surely still desire to connect with such people, but we must realize that the way in which people form relationships, especially with institutions, is different than it once was. This day and age calls for the church to be more intentional and proactive than ever before. In his new book Connect, my friend Don Corder presents 28 practical steps that will help any church to grow. I had the privilege of serving as Don’s pastor in a former church some years ago, and I know his heart for reaching people with the gospel. I am looking forward to implementing the steps outlined in Connect in the church where I currently serve.

Dr. Ken Alford
Senior Pastor, Crossroads Baptist Church, Valdosta, Georgia


I have used the strategy in Connect in two churches and both churches saw increased professions of faith, community engagement, giving and new members. If you are looking for something that will jump start Kingdom growth in your church, I highly recommend reading this book.

Joe Fox
Senior Pastor, Grace United Methodist Church, Washington Courthouse, OH


Years ago I was pastoring a little church in a little town with a handful of people. The church was broke and I was ready to give up. Don Corder sat me down and said “Growing a church is simple. It’s not easy.” On his back porch, he wrote down the things I needed to do. One at a time, I started doing those things. My church began to grow. Today our ministry is in multiple sites in multiple towns serving thousands. Connect is that very plan written on that porch all those years ago. I wish I had this book when I was starting out in ministry. Things would have been a lot easier.

Matt Young
Senior Pastor, LifeChurch, Southwest, OH


I have known Don Corder years. He is a gifted communicator and he shares his gift with all of us in his new book Connect: Grow Your Church in 28 Days. In this book, you will look through the eyes of a master and learn how to connect your church with the people who live around you and then connect those people with each other. Apply the practical action steps described in this book, and your church will grow.

Ronnie Harrison
Senior Pastor, Kingdom Center Church, Louisville, KY


I’ve known Don Corder for nearly 15 years. He is an industry thought leader when it comes to church administration and growth. Don is as practical as he is brilliant. In Connect, you will find a turn-key plan guaranteed to grow your church, but you have to execute the plan. No one ever grew a ministry by waiting and hoping. Get this book. Do what it says. Grow your church.

Jon Laria
CFO, OneHope, Pompano Beach, FL


No one I’ve ever met combines the profound operational acumen, authentic spirituality, vast experience, and engaging communication style like Don Corder. Truth be told—no one comes close. You wouldn’t have picked up this book if you weren’t serious about the Great Commission, passionate about the local church as the center of God’s plan on this earth, and determined that your church be a bastion of health and growth. I know that the 28 tasks outlined in Connect will work because they are working, right now, in churches large and small, old and new, all across the country. The only thing you’ve got to lose are empty seats.

Rick Nash
COO, The Kairos Company, Glendale, CA


A few years ago, I reached out to Don Corder and asked him for some advice on growing my church. He shared with me a whole new way of looking at the way a church grows by focusing on how people form relationships in the 21st century. He shared with me how “going” starts with an act of faith and how “making disciples” starts as a spiritual quest, but connecting the Church with people starts with intentionality. In Connect, you will find that same strategy. 4 years later, our church attendance has doubled. 

Michael Phillips
Senior Pastor, Kingdom Life Church, Baltimore, MD


Most churches in America are experiencing a plateau or decrease in attendance and participation. Connect offers practical wisdom to help churches reconnect with their communities in meaningful ways.

Rusty Lewis
Vice President, Generis, St. Louis, MO



My friend Don Corder is one of the savviest businessmen I know. He understands the challenges organizations face in the 21st century and how to meet them. More importantly, Don has a heart for God, His people and the people His people need to reach to grow the Kingdom. This book spells out, in an engaging and conversational style, a proven approach for churches to fulfill the Great Commission in a culture that increasingly doesn't consider a relationship with God essential. He'll help you think realistically about the task your church faces and give you proven strategies to execute so your congregation can thrive. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in growing a relevant, dynamic congregation. 

Rev. Mark Youngkin
Professor of Communication and Leadership, Valor Christian College, Columbus, OH



Connect is just like the author. Smart. Practical. Plain Spoken. Gets the job done. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Don Corder. His passion and life’s work is growing the local church. In Connect we are shown the way. 

Steve Howard
President, Centerpoint Interactive, Dublin, OH