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MHB Comments

“The way a church conducts its business is a testimony to a world that is always watching. Church business needs to be done with professionalism and transparency. In short, easy-to-understand chapters, Minding His Business shows us the way to conduct church business in a way that honors God.”

Dan Busby
President, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability Washington, D.C

“Minding His Business is one of the best books on managing ministry available today. It is practical and insightful, and it reflects years of real ministry experience. Don Corder keeps it real with a no-nonsense approach to getting things done in a ministry environment.”

Dr. Jeff Greenway
Lead pastor, Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church, Reynoldsburg, Ohio Former President, Asbury Theological Seminary

“I have known Don Corder for over a decade. He is as wise as he is brilliant—one of the most effective leaders I’ve met in over thirty years. Minding His Business is a gift to the kingdom of God and a must-read for any pastor or ministry leader.”

Jon Laria
Chief Financial Officer, OneHope Pompano Beach, Florida

“Don Corder is one of the smartest people I know. His ability to see through the urgent to what is important, and then to accomplish both, is inspiring. He is the best manager of ministry I’ve ever met. In Minding His Business, we are given the unique privilege of looking through the eyes of a true master to see ministry managed with wisdom and expertise.”

Brad White
President, Iak Donors Palm Coast, Florida

“Don Corder is the real deal. In Minding His Business, he speaks truth to most pastors’ pain. This book helped me and my ministry in so many ways. It is required reading for every leader in my church.”

Matt Young
Lead pastor, LifeChurch Amelia, Ohio

“The wisdom on these pages is invaluable. Every pastor, church planter, and staff leader should put this on his must-read list.”

Ronnie Harrison
Pastor, The Kingdom Center Church Louisville, Kentucky

“Yes! Minding His Business should be required reading for pastors everywhere. Young or old, pastors will find truth on these pages that will make their ministries easier to manage and more effective.”

Matt Wright
Senior pastor, Water’s Edge Church Mason, Ohio

“Minding His Business is unlike any other ministry management book I’ve read. The book illustrates business principles in short, easy-to understand chapters that help me lead my ministry right now.”

Michael Phillips
Senior pastor, Kingdom Life Church Baltimore, Maryland

“The twenty-first-century church is a different proposition from its twentieth-century counterpart. The message is unchanged, but the methods are in a state of flux. Many modern pastors are expected to be spiritual leaders, platform talents, marketing experts, and CEOs. Where does one go to be trained for all that? Minding His Business is a gift to pastors who are struggling to serve their ministries as spiritual leaders and business managers.”

Dr. Mark Smith
President, Ohio Christian University Circleville, Ohio

“Having had the privilege of serving as Don Corder’s pastor in the past, I can attest to his love for the church and for Christian ministers. Minding His Business imparts page after page of practical, useful advice. The wisdom found in this book will help pastors to manage the business of their ministries more efficiently. I wish that this book had been available when I was starting out in ministry thirty-five years ago!”

Dr. Ken Alford
Senior pastor, Crossroads Baptist Church Valdosta, Georgia

“This book makes sense. I would be surprised if any pastor or ministry leader read it and did not see his or her ministry on the pages.”

Steve Howard
President, Centerpoint Interactive, Inc. Columbus, Ohio

“In a Christian university, we work to integrate faith and learning on subjects ranging from science to literature, from psychology to technology. Unfortunately, we don’t talk enough about the integration of faith and administration. Through Don Corder’s rich experience and practical illustrations, his new book, Minding His Business, is a living example of that kind of integration. If thinking “Christianly” about administrative ministry is important to you, you will love this book.”

Don Meyer
President, University of Valley Forge Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

“There could not be a timelier book to hit the church world than Minding His Business. Don will lighten your load and elevate your life’s work as you apply the practical “how to’s” of effective ministry leadership.”

Harvey A. Hook
Founder, Relā Columbus, Ohio

“The stuff in this book really works! I’ve had the privilege and honor of working with Don in a ministry setting. He is an agent of change. He finds value where you wouldn’t think it was possible. He has worked with people in the ministry to change the culture in positive ways, and the changes have stuck! Don’s been there; he walks the talk, and he practices what you will read about in Minding His Business.”

Eric Walton
President, PL Coaches Phoenix, Arizona

“If talk and good intentions were money, the church would be a bank. Spreading the gospel is a job to be done, not discussed with good intentions. Minding His Business cuts through the clutter and clearly describes how churches can be set free from a culture of decline to make the difference God desires them to make in the world.”

Alan Didio
Lead pastor, Encounter Ministries Red Cross, North Carolina

“Page after page of solutions to the problems churches face when trying to execute pastoral vision. I highly recommend this book.”

Jon Ferguson
Senior pastor, Stillwater Church Dayton, Ohio